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Information for Business Networks in Hambleton

Hambleton District Council is urging businesses located on the district’s industrial estates to help shape the future economic growth of Hambleton.

Company bosses are being asked to have their say in the first survey of every business located on industrial estates in the district.

A questionnaire will be sent to all 800 businesses on the estates – from those with hundreds of employees to the one person operations, and covering all sectors.

District Council officers will also be visiting every industrial estate to talk to a range of business owners about their plans for the future – and where they may need support and help to attract investment.

The council wants to understand how business leaders feel about the district – and learn more about their future growth plans. The council acknowledges there will be constraints and challenges facing businesses in achieving growth but knows there is development potential that could be unlocked.

Hambleton District Council is committed to growing the economy of the district and the review of industrial estates will enable the council to better understand the issues which enable businesses to reach their potential.

Using all the information gathered, the council will develop programmes of work to try to overcome common problems.

That could include broadband infrastructure, advice for businesses looking to access loans and grant aid and ensuring businesses get the right support at the right time.

The survey will run from 12th October 12 until 11th December 2015.

More information is available on the Council’s website and from the council’s Business and Economy Team on 01609 767058 or email: