Speakers update

This new company is keen to connect and work with local businesses to develop a unique platform of potential employees for your businesses.

Please come along on Thursday 16th May and meet Ben Brownlee who is going to tell us all about it!

The Company

Global Bridge is a unique product which allows young people to showcase their talents to educational institutions and industry. It provides recruiters with a searchable, fully customisable database which can be tailored to identify individuals who satisfy specific skills, interest and goals.

In short, Global Bridge provides a connection – a bridge – between young people and the next step in their educational and professional life. For universities, schools and businesses, Global Bridge ensures that you can access, contact and recruit the correct person, which will significantly increase retention rates, satisfaction and success.


Global Bridge creates a secure platform for students to showcase their talents and aid recruitment for potential academic institutions or employers. It genuinely will fast track your future!

As a company, we believe there are three fundamental values (ICE) which are at the centre of all our decisions. We also create the opportunity for students to apply these values in their pursuit of a successful future.

If you wish to skip ahead and find out more, please take a look online at https://www.globalbridge.org.uk/